Visualising Landscapes

visualising-landscapesDavid Simon is an illustrator who specialises in archaeological reconstructions. His paintings are based on a rigorous engagement with the excavated evidence in the form of plans, sections and discussion with the excavators. He also makes use of landscape surveys and his own field observations to capture the topography of the sites as accurately as possible.

A unique aspect of his practice is his use of scale models. In order to ensure that his perspectives are correct he constructs models based on the archaeological evidence, as in this photograph with cut-away section showing the interior of a broch. The models are also integrated with landscape photographs to accurately capture the setting of a monument. Only when he is satisfied with his three- dimensional reconstruction does he begin to paint.

This process of interrogating the evidence and engaging with the archaeologists enable these reconstructions to stimulate new thinking about how sites looked and contributes to ongoing debates about how they were used.

Neolithic Forteviot


The Forteviot Henges


Forteviot’s Barrow Cemetery


Castle Law, Forgandenny


Broch Market Day


Burning the Broch


Burying the Pictish Dead



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