Finds from the Broch

Displayed here is a small selection of artefacts largely recovered from the 2013 excavations. They demonstrate an active and sustained level of contact between Romans and Caledonians (later Picts). As a group, these finds show that the occupants maintained local craft practices, for instance textile working, while at the same time adopting new forms of personal ornaments and eating and drinking vessels.

Some of the finds, such as the decorated stone bowl or lamp, may survive from the early Iron Age period of use, but most relate to later Iron Age when Roman goods circulated within and beyond the Empire. The use of imported glass and pottery was a mark of social distinction, it signalled wealth and suggests the consumption of imported goods such as wine. The use of coloured glass and enamel in jewellery was a highly effective way of indicating high status, while the rare survival of weapons suggests the presence of warriors amongst the broch inhabitants.

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